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To my investors: be patient, am working in the creation of my own Offshore Bank for make sure each transaction, each project in each place around the world and Jujuy. And you will can to participate in partnership with the Inter American Development Bank for work in conjunction in the Cluster´s development that am dealing with the IADB for finance assistance since the past 2007 year. Check the Summary of Projects link for to know the Cluster nominated Jujuy Andean Project or Proyecto Andino Jujuy, in spanish.

This is a little about my purpose in this land

Friend & Investor, Visitors

For long time I dreamed with this possibility for make own projects and to know people from all around the world and this land have this objective for promote all this projects and new how you can check in all the fields.

If you are looking for a new place for make investments you can find it in my region the right place. Reliance and capability in this country it´s my ID Card.

You can know all about myself in the site in my differents skills that was have in my life. Include the Preface of my first stories book about these times. Hope you will enjoy this advance in this project for write like I understand our times.

And, please, If sombody are telling tales about the Shaman just visit my site with above address and you will can to judge about all around that with own common sence.

But I´m not alone. There are more people offering our services for your needs in all the fields.

Hope you feel free for contact me and to start a business relationship for long term in the right way for mutual benefits.

Want you to join a little sum for make a business and at the same time a humanitarian help?. Just let me know your will in this proposal but tell me soonest cause is a critical situation.

And to all people that was been sent me her letters and proposals I tell to all you be patient, I will reply to all your letters as soon as possible, like auto answer said!.

Some people says that am not exist, this page not exist but why all you are losing your time injuring me?. don´t have better things for use your time?.

Friend, can you explain me about this people?. Why they lose her time this people?,
please, explain me, dear friend cause I can´t explain to myslef this situation.

And, friend, check the satellital image and visit on line some places from my region. it´s an advance about all my touristic offers to you and next I will upload a Shaman Region´s map for better acknowledgement about my region.

And, wait for my first stories book. 20th stories about these times, about all the times. with no censure. next on line promotion and sales. are you ready for to know my vission about these times?, want to fly with my stories?. Come fly with me.

And come to support me in the international contest in this link Geotourism and leave me your better comment and vote for my project next. Am in this international contest invited for the IADB, Inter American Development Bank.

You can check the calendar contest in On the Road Max and
Shaman in Contest link, go and know and support me leaving a comment and voting later. And, of course, enjoy the Rally on Horses knowing places with soul.

Raúl or The Shaman or elcazad

PS: Don´t accept imitations! It´s not me.

Warning: Some friends and investors inform me that my cell number is blocked for international calls. Sorry, it´s not my fault. May be is Claro Company... supplier.
BUT, we can use Skype or same services on line. Thanks!!!.

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