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Business for Investors

A new Clothes Company for investors. for sales on line to all around the world. you don´t believe this oportunity. 1.5 M USD for begin this business. know something about this field?. ask me all your questions.

Builds in own designs

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Business´s Guardian!
Warning!, It´s Perlita

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Hello Friend & Investor, in this page you will find some of business proposals and if you want details you can contact me in a Message in a Bottle.

I want to tell to all people that was write to me and make her proposals just be patient until I reply all your letters.

Ask for new services: accounting, collections and book keeper services on line. If you want get your fees for any services or products through our services YES, WE CAN!! do it for you in all around the world and maximaze your time. Contact me by Message in a bottle in this web site.

Planet go Crash. Save your money in bricks investments here.

Your place for live and work!!!.

You can to participate in investments in real state for build a country club in Tilcara, Jujuy State. In the Quebrada of Humahuaca. You can to live in this place in your own home.  houses in adobe style. Just contact me. ask about your future in the most beautiful region. ground-plots and houses. from 150K USD. natural stones constructions.

How much money have you for investments?. think who is few?. maybe or maybe not. depend of your place for do it. ask me.

I have projects since  ONE M USD or Euro till... uffff, till much more. discos. restaurants. own projects, own designs and own administration. not intermediaries.

Investment funds for do real your business. medium and long terms investments. hotels, hostals, in my region or in your place with designs of this land. new clothes company.

Hey, friend, want to make anohter good  investment? I need ten million dollar for a new Off Shore Banking business. long terms investments. take this vission but take it now!!. good luck!! and always ahead.

Warning: please, be shortly writing me and I will reply you as soons as a possible. Thanks for your attention.

  Write your consultation with a Message in a Bottle
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You will need a membership for get log in this field. Are projects here and the rights must be shelter.

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